Torchbearer Courses

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ACC graduates may earn 25 Torchbearer points per class by attending these upcoming CCC workshops:

Ethics, Public Records, and Sunshine Laws - April 4, 2017

Growth Management  - April 6, 2017

Financial Management - April 7, 2017


Core Courses

The program content for each core course is designed to cover fundamental information necessary to effectively serve as a county commissioner. Commissioners attend these workshops when they are newly elected to earn their Certified County Commissioner (CCC) designation.  As an Advanced County Commissioner (ACC), Commissioners may attend these workshops again and earn 25 Torchbearer points as well as refresh their knowledge on these topics.  With the exception of Ethics which is offered three times each year, each of these workshops is only offered once each calendar year.


Elective Courses

The following courses develop skills that are important to county commissioners. While earning their CCC designation, newly elected commissioners are required to earn 9 credit hours from these or similar classes may be applied toward the 45 hours required for certification.  ACC graduates are encouraged to participate in elective courses when offered and they will earn 10-15 points per workshop attended in full. The program topics offered vary from year to year.


Continuing Education Courses

Participation in statewide education and policymaking events is an important part of FAC. As such, newly elected Commissioners are required to earn 6 hours of continuing education credits for their CCC Certification.  ACC graduates may earn 15 Torchbearer points by coming to a FAC Conference.