County Government Education Program


ICG is pleased to announce the addition of a fifth program to our educational offerings and this time the focus is on county staff. This program is a voluntary program of study based on our current Certified County Commissioner (CCC) program. Content for this program includes county government structure and authority, finance and budget, growth management, ethics and Sunshine Law, and Florida’s legislative process and so much more. We are excited about this additional offering and look forward to growing this program to enhance overall knowledge of Florida county government for county staff. The County Government Education courses will be offered year round, mostly in conjunction with FAC conferences.


The core courses are offered once a year, with the exception of the Ethics, Sunshine Records and Public Information program which is offered three times a year. County staff have had the opportunity to audit the CCC programs in the past, but now, their participation will be tracked just like it is for Commissioners. To complete the course work, county staff will take a total of 45 hours of courses. There is no timeline to finish, however if fast-tracked, the program may now be completed within 6 to 12 months.


At FAC’s Annual Conference each year, we will recognize the staff that have completed the County Government Education Program. We encourage county staff to get involved in this program!


For more information, contact Becky Berentsen at 850-414-7936.