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Ethics, Public Records, and Sunshine Laws:    $75 registration fee

  • Online Ethics Workshop - available all year  (CLICK HERE to register now)
  • November 19, 2019 - Broward County (registration opens in September)

Core Courses

The program content for each core course is designed to cover fundamental information necessary to effectively serve as a county commissioner. To be certified, commissioners must earn a minimum of 30 credit hours of core curriculum. Each core course is equivalent to 6 hours of credit. The majority of these programs are offered once a calendar year.


Elective Courses

The following courses develop skills that are important to county commissioners. A maximum of 9 credit hours from these or similar classes may be applied toward the 45 hours required for certification. Each elective course is equivalent to 3 hours of credit. Four elective courses are provided throughout the year. The program topics offered vary from year to year.


Continuing Education Courses

Participation in statewide education and policymaking events is an important part of the CCC curriculum. As such, the following events are CCC accredited. The credit hours for each of these programs vary due to program length. To become certified, commissioners must earn 6 hours of continuing education credits.