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Throughout the year, FAC creates and comes across valuable information of local governments and those wanting to learn more about local government. With the development of this section, FAC will begin to slowly create a library of reference materials on a variety of topics affecting local governments.


New Commissioner Resources

This information is provided to help officials transition into their new governing roles. As a county commissioner you have a wide range of topics that you need to understand for your job including legal requirements, nature of county organization, finance and budget, and strategies for success in this role.


Ethics Resources

FAC’s Ethics program includes expert speakers from the Attorney General’s Office and the Florida Commission on Ethics to explain Florida’s stringent laws. Participants will learn ethics requirements for elected officials, understand the Sunshine Law and Public Records Law, learn about reporting requirements, and become familiar with the process of an ethics complaint.     During the 2013 Legislative Session, the Florida legislature passed new ethics legislation requiring that Commissioners and other Constitutional Officers take four hours of Ethics programming each calendar year.


Growth Management

This course is designed to give commissioners an understanding of the history of land use planning in Florida and how we got where we are today. Participants will learn the realities of implementing comprehensive plans including how amendments, development approvals, and exceptions should be handled.


Financial Management

This course provides guidance for commissioners to better manage their county’s fiscal affairs. Participants will gain a basic understanding of the state’s fiscal trends, budgeting process, revenue sources available to their counties and the what, when and how to issue debt.


County Government Structure and Authority

This course looks at the authority that has been granted to counties by all sources, including the citizens. Participants will broaden their knowledge of county government form and function, of state government and how it relates to federal government, and of mandates and the impact they have on counties.


County Government Roles and Responsibilities

This course looks at the functions of county government. Participants will better understand state mandated county government services including public safety, transportation and health and human services.


Emergency Management

This course will examine the role of the elected official during disasters and the requirements for an emergency management program in the county. Participants will discuss emergency management at the local, state and federal levels, including what happens in disasters from response to recovery.


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