Hurricane Irma - Debris

A simple comparison of post-landfall disaster impact models for both Hurricanes Irma (2017) and Matthew (2016) helps demonstrate the significance of the challenge presented with debris resulting from the most recent storm. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers estimated Hurricane Irma would ultimately cause almost 29 million cubic yards of debris statewide compared to just over 6 million cubic yards of debris that would result from Hurricane Matthew.


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers: Possible Statewide Debris Post Landfall 
Irma vs Matthew


Irma v Matthew Debris


For almost half of these debris reports, it remained unclear or undefined who was responsible for the debris removal.  Counties were identified as being responsible for just 15 percent of all debris reports submitted to the State Emergency Response Team (SERT).


Responsibility for Debris 


Responsible for Debris


By the end of October, the total number of debris reports submitted to SERT totaled 338 and covered the below types of debris:


Debris Reports Received by County


Types of debris


Number of Debris Reports by County


Number of Debris Reports Received by County