Who may participate in the program?

This program was designed for county commissioners. Only commissioners will receive the Certified County Commissioner designation. As of April 2017, County Staff are also welcome to attend and earn credits for the County Government Education Program.


How do you enroll in the program?

When you attend your first CCC course, you will automatically be enrolled in the program. Your course credits will continue to be collected until you have completed the entire CCC program.


Who teaches the program?

A team of experts which includes university faculty, government officials, professional speakers, FAC members, and FAC staff.


How long does it take to receive the CCC designation?

CCC courses are offered year round at FAC conferences. The core courses, with exception of the New Commissioner Workshop, are offered once a year. This program can be completed with 12 to 18 months. To graduate, commissioners must take a total of 45 hours of courses. This includes 30 hours of core, 9 hours of elective and 6 hours of continuing education courses. The CCC graduation ceremony is held every year during FAC’s Annual Conference in June.


How much does the program cost?

Ten courses will be offered this calendar year. The registration fee for five of the courses will be $125 a day, while the other five course registrations are built into the conference registration price. In 2016-2017, the FCF Board is offering registration scholarships. A scholarship of $125 for the registration fee will be awarded to the first 3 small county commissioners (pop. of less than 75,000) who register for a course and request the scholarship.


How does FAC keep track of the courses that I have taken?

All core and elective courses will have sign-in sheets passed around the room throughout the day. In order to receive credit for a course, you must attend the entire program from start to finish. For continuing education, you need to register and attend the conference in order to receive credit.


How can I keep track of the CCC courses that I have taken?

All of your records are maintained on the FAC portal. Transcripts may be found in your FAC portal under Professional Development. The FAC office will also notify you once you are getting close to graduation to ensure that you take the final courses needed to complete the program.