Emergency Management

This course will examine the role of the elected official during disasters and the requirements for an emergency management program in the county. Participants will discuss emergency management at the local, state and federal levels, including what happens in disasters from response to recovery.


Education & Training

To honor the 20th anniversary of Hurricane Andrew, which served as Florida's wakeup call for how to prepare for natural disasters, the Florida Association of Counties, in partnership with the Florida Division of Emergency Management (FDEM), provided numerous local workshops free of charge to all interested parties:  Protecting Your Community from Natural Disasters: A Guide to Wind Mitigation Programs and Applications

This was a basic level course that is designed to help county commissioners, county staff, and others understand how to evaluate a county's risk and vulnerability to wind-related damages and how to identify appropriate measures that will reduce that risk.


  • What state and federal resources (i.e., grants) are available to counties to implement wind mitigation measures;

  • How to evaluate and measure a county's risk and vulnerability to high wind events, with a particular emphasis on hurricanes;

  • For counties interested in increasing the number of evacuation shelter spaces within their community, the course discusses funding sources that may be used for retrofitting public facilities for shelter space purposes.


If your county is interested in hosting this workshop in the future, please contact Eric Poole 850-922-3677 or by email at epoole@fl-counties.com



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Department of Emergency Management

Hardee County Workshop (12.13.12) materials - Presented by Frank Koutnik