Advanced County Commissioner


County officials are uniquely positioned to achieve positive change within their counties and in their relationships with local and state government partners.  The task is to prepare for the future by thinking and acting anew and asserting skillful leadership in times of daunting challenges and rapid change.

The future of our communities and the governments that serve them depends upon:


  1. The caliber of leadership and stewardship public officials provide.

  2. The degree to which local government officials shape the future through leadership that engages the best in people.

  3. The willingness and capacity of county government officials to be pacesetters in redefining local government excellence and intergovernmental partnerships.

  4. The application of thoughtful leadership and strategic planning.

  5. Recognizing the paramount role county leaders have in effectively convening, involving and working with the critical stakeholders.


Requirements for ACC Designation


The ACC program is organized as a series of three seminars, with 27 hours of course work. The course content focuses on leadership with a focus on the future of Florida. Courses are different for each series and cannot be repeated. Participating Commissioners must commit to fully participate in all three seminars in order to graduate.  To date, there have been 214 graduates from the ACC Program.


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ACC Graduates