Our mission is to enhance the leadership skills of county officials, to facilitate innovative thinking and action by those leaders, and, ultimately to enable counties to prosper as communities in the 21st century.


The Foundation oversees the County Commissioners Voluntary Certification (CCC), Advanced County Commissioner Education (ACC) programs and the content for FAC's Annual Conference. It is governed by a Board of Directors made up of elected and appointed county officials.

The Florida Counties Foundation (FCF) is adding a brand new program to the FACTOR-Educating County Leaders offerings. Beginning in January 2017, we will launch a County Staff Certification (CSC) program. This is a voluntary program of study designed for county staff to learn information and enhance skills relevant to their duties and responsibilities. Completion of the course requirements results in the designation of Certified County Staff.

CSC courses will be offered year round, mostly in conjunction with FAC conferences. The core courses are offered once a year, with the exception of Ethics which is offered three times a year. County Staff have had the opportunity to audit the CCC programs in the past, but now, their participation will be tracked just like we do for Commissioners.

This program may be completed within 12 to 18 months. To graduate, county staff must complete a total of 45 hours of courses. The CSC graduation ceremony will be held every year during FAC’s Annual Conference in June. We encourage county staff to get involved in this exciting program and look forward to our first CSC Graduates in June 2018!


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Providing high quality and comprehensive educational opportunities for county commissioners and staff is a high priority for the Association.

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